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Friday, 17 February 2012

Welcome Emma Victoria Joyce Gerlack
I havent done this for a while so bear with me, the last couple of weeks have been interesting to say the least, at the ripe old age of 41 i find myself being a father again and am happy as can be even more than probably my others which i am ashamed of.
Emma Victoria Joyce came into this world on February 3rd 2012 at 4.11pm and weighed 9lbs 5oz
and I have to say she is gorgeous in every way. Emma came to me and my wife as a bit of a shock as she was concieved about the same time as my mother passing away whicjh made it even more special. Emma is also one of Gods very special children as she was born with no left hand.
It came as quite a shock to me and my wife but I have to say that both of us are even more thrilled for some reason, personally I think it was Gods way of saying that i need to spend more time with my kids and slow down and I thank him for it as it has taught me a valuable lesson that life is very fragile. apparently only 40% of what Emma had only survive in the womb so already i know that she is extra special and a fighter. All I know is that there will be many challenges ahead but my wife and I are really excited about what the future brings with her.
Sometimes God does move in mysterious ways

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Smells Like Teen Spirit or is it just the Petrol Fumes

On saturday as part of my new years resolution to spend more time with my kids on an individual basis, I took my middle daughter Carla to the Gumball Rally, she like me loves fast cars, the louder the better, the more wheelspins the donuts the claxon of the horns, what is this that drives us petrolheads to go weak at the knees, there are not many things that can do tis to me but the sight of a Bugatti Veryon revving its engines and wheelspinning off the start line.

I think my daughter carla liked it but I probably enjoyed it more.... pictures are louder than words

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Wii Fat

Ok its official I am obese, my wii fit told me so and I have a body mass index of over 30, so yes I have probably joined the zillions and have started my healthy eating plan, see my plan is for me, I know what makes me overweight, see I love cheese, chocolate and alcohol, so I am not going to say i wont have any but I am determined not to let it control me.
You see I see them as a drug like smoking, I beat smoking and have been smoke free for 2 years now so this should be a doddle.
So have already planned out my year and 1 of my goals is to lose 14llbs by the time im 40 which is in november, I am going to book myself into yoga this week as after doing 2 classes on my wii fit i like it, so am going to try it.
Have been doing 1hrs exercise every day over the last 4 days and have genuinely seen some improvement already my body mass index has gone from 31.56 to 30.41 and have lost 3llbs already.
So heres to being able to wear superdry t-shirts ( their close fitting ) and not being scared of getting on an aeroplane and not being able to get in the seat ( I hope I never get like that )
So for all those who want to get in shape, dont keep saying it GO AND DO IT, small steps each day will keep you motivated dont push it too fast. So if you are like me and getting towards that 40 mark just do what makes you feel good as you have the confidence of the last 40 years of living so you should have done most things and got the t-shirt, but dont think that cos your getting old you have to retire from all the good stuff to, why should all the young people get to do it. So lets hear it for the 35 somethings and make 2010 the year for achieving. As for me, my Wii Fat board is gonna wish it never called me obese, the little f****r.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I thought about long and hard about the coming year and what should be my goals this year...... there are far too many so I thought i would list them and let my friends decide for me and have told them only to choose 3 at the most as i will never be able to do all of them. so here goes....

1. To spend more time with my kids ... I have 3 girls all of mixed ages and being a guy can be hard as have tried integrating some boys activities with them but they still do too much girly stuff for me to feel fully bonded with them.
2. To lose 14llbs in 1 year. this is my biggest challenge as im going to be 40 in november and of course i want to look good and for people to say i look good for my age
3. To walk coast to coast in england. after walking the the whole width of the isle of wight last year i was quite surprised at how far i could push myself after all that was 26 miles so would like to do another challenge like that and thought why not from 1 side of england to other.
4. To finally get the car i dream and deserve it would have to be an aston martin or a mercedes brabus.
5. To have a fantastic 40th and go back to vegas for it or just have a big party or do both.
6. To have more time with my friends, i never seem to have enought time lately especially for those who have known me since i was a little boy.
7. To have a holiday just with my wife, for years now we have always had some sort of company and of course there are the odd nights out we go out on our own but remember when we went to paris to the moulin rouge or to rome to see the colliseum, i miss my wife when we wre like that so am determined to take her away again just the 2 of us as she is the one that is always there sorting things out so she deserves to be pampered now and again.
8. To have another child, yes i still long to have a boy and havent given up hope of having 1 more just have to persuade my wife.
9. To eat more healthily.... this is a big one as i try my hardest to be good, we always eat fresh food and cook from scratch most nights so i would say that we are quite good but i still have to fight my weight so please i need help on this one.
10. To do something different every month that i would never have done before, i always feel it is important to try anything once except voting lib dem or doing crack so would like some suggestions on this, not too expensive either.
11. The are a series of open water swims which i fancy doing, they are sponsored by british gas and the are call ed the Great Swims, i fancy doing the one in Lake Windemere in Lake District so if anyone fancy one of these let me know as always loved swimming since i was young and still do

If you feel the same as me that you feel that you need a target for the year and cant really function without 1 then make a list like this and see how many you can do after all it focuses the mind and you might even surprise yourself, I have already pledged my support to one of my friends to help him lose 42llbs this year and get him up his first mountain which i cant wait to get up again.

Lastly I will try and keep my personal blog more up to date as i only seem to have time to do the work one but will try my very hardest to publish something at least once a week.

Good luck to you all who have set targets and help me with mine.

Mr G

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Guess what? I found my mojo

I not sure where I lost it or where it has been for the past few months but its definately come back after a vacation.

For anybody who has lost their Mojo may I be the first to say you can borrow mine if you want as I feel it could help someone other than myself.

Now be careful though as my mojo is very protective and very addictive and should be handled very carefully as it is very unique, be sure that you want it as it could lead to irrational behaviour and if it were a packet of cigarettes it would be Marlboro Reds WHICH is why it comes with a health warning, but for the lucky person who receives my mojo, good luck cos your in for a real ride.

So if your feeling down, tired, stressed, lazy, then Mr G's Mojo comes in 3 flavours, try it, its contagious

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Tuscany - the beauty of it

Have just got back from Tuscany and was completely hooked the moment we landed, dont get me wrong i have been to italy several times, have stayed in Rome, and spent a week in Sardinia last year so if you like mountains, spectacular views of valleys, awesome art, and just fantastic italiain food then it doesnt get better than this. We booked last october for this trip for a 10 bed villa with no pool built so you can imagine there was a bit of apprehension as this was the owners first proper paying customers season.
Day 1: landed at 11am at Perugia airport and what a dream, it was a small regional airport where there was only ever 1 plane every hour so passports and baggage was a doddle. the heat was already hitting the mid 30s and felt good and it was only a 2 hour flight from the uk, we got the hire cars and drove to Lake Tressimino as we couldnt get into the villa till 4 so we had something to eat and drink here and savour the view at Passiagiano de Trassemino, fantastic views of the lake and the islands and all within 30mins of the airport and 30 mins of our villa, we then drove to our villa which was high up in the mountains and hard to find but eventually we got to Cassaccia, and WHAT a stunning view, from the pool you could look down on the whole of the Niccone Valley and look across at the Appenine Mountains. The evening was spent eating and drinking and frolicking in and out of the pool till late.

Day 2: was spent around the villa as everybody wanted to catch the sun and just chill, we ventured out to the local shops and found out they were closed and stephen and i had to drive around to Umbertide and then to Cita Di Castello to get food for the evening, 3hours later we got back after a great mountain drive, in the evening we went to a local festival in Mercatale where all the village were dancing and drinking and eating and it was a very enjoyable night.

Day 3: Was sunday and everything was shut and this was the day we needed a pharmacy as stephen had been bitten quite badly and he couldnt see out of his eye and our own medication wasnt working. so Jennie and I had some quality time alone for 2 hours getting food for the night and looking for a pharmacy. we stayed around the villa most of the day everybody just enjoying the sun and the pool and the drink!!

Day 4: We went to Citta di Castello for lunch and a bit of a wander and and then played games and got very drunk that evening with Ian and Jennie in charge of food it was fantastic not to worry about anything.

Day 5: We drove to Florence as this was one of the trips that we all wanted to do since it was only an hour and half away, this was my wifes favourite location and she wanted to see it especially, and after seeing rome i was pleasantly suprised, for me it was all about Ponte Vecchio and Michelangelo and Raphael and Da Vinchi as this was what i liked to look at but instead i couldnt help wonder at how pretty it was and old and history just around every corner, the kids wont understand this until they are older but for me florence was beautiful, nothing new, just lots of stories to be told, like david the statue of michelangelo, or the last bridge never to be blown up on hitlers orders - the ponte vecchio, or the story of Pinnocchios and where it originated from , every street and and every sight steeped in history and stories and how i wish we had longer here, we planned to drive to Pisa that same day as it was 45 mins from florence so it was silly not to, and wow I cant describe the sight of the leaning tower of Pisa, i remember as a small boy reading about a magical tower that leaned and thought it extraordinary that it didnt fall down but seeing it in real life was just as good as seeing the collisium, it stood there pure white in the bright blue clear sky majestically and hypnotic, I have seen many great things in my life so far like the Mona Lisa, the collisium, the eiffel tower, the bellagio, and many more and this stood up there impressive as all the others and was well worth the drive just to see it, we got back late that evening but the dinner was surrounded with conversation about the day and how brilliant it was, we ate and drunk lots that night and eventually got to bed about 4 in the morning after much dancing, games, drinking

Day 6: we got up quite late, about 10 after a very late evening and everybody wanted to sit around the house and chill which was understandable, after lunch stephen and i decided to go to Assisi where St Francis was buried and where the Basilica was with numerous frescos, it was only 45 mins away and was hot - 40 degrees, but worth it, there are many things you should see in life and this was one, Assisi is twinned with Bethlehem and is the buriel place of Patron Saint of Italy, it was a simple hill top town, but beautiful, with the cathedral at the peak, you could not take pictures inside any of the churches or cathedrals so words cannot explain how decorative the architecture was of how the stories of St Francis' frescos unfolded but you had to be there to appreciate it. On the way back we drove around Lake Tressimino as it was on our way and was such a fantastic mountain drive like one that would be on top gear.

Day 7: and the boys went to Siena which was about an hour away and i spent the day with the kids just messing about and then looking at the landscape which was better than the lake district and with all the heat. reflecting on whether to come back and answer to that would be a resounding yes. as it is the most beautiful part of Italy that i have ever seen and I would strongly recommend anyone going there.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Balloon Festival

One of the best events that we as a family love to go to each year is the Bristlol Balloon Festival, Each year we travel here for the day, pitch our tent, sit back and watch the world go by being entertained by the red arrows and marching bands - you cant beat a bit of pomp and ceremony!!!. Then at around 6pm the most magnificent site occurs when all the balloons come out and start to get blown up, this year 96 went and to see them all setting off was amazing, we stayed for the night glow in the evening when it was dark when they light the balloons all synchronised to music, it was an amazing day as you can see by the pics and would recommend it to anyone as its totally free!!! as well